Logona from Salzhemmendorf near Hanover, Germany is a pioneer in all-natural cosmetics. The German company has been developping organic products for more than 30 years.

The products meet the European standards of controlled natural cosmetics (BDIH and NATRUE). They are free of synthetic dyes and fragrances as well as derivatives of the petrochemical industry. Likewise, no ingredients from genetically modified plants are used. The herbal extracts used are usually organic. The product range include facial, body and hair care, with special product lines for men, children and babies.

All Logona toothpastes and gels are 100% fluoride-free, vegan and gluten-free. The mineral ingredient potassium chloride forms a protective shield around the tooth and thereby exerting its desensitizing effect. The mineral cleaning kernels ensure gentle yet effective cleaning. All toothpastes are free from

  • synthetic colours & flavours
  • preservatives
  • fluoride.

The following toothpastes without fluoride are offered under the Logodent brand :

Logodent Peppermint Herbal Dental Gel – Invigorating freshness

with Natural peppermint oil.


Rosemary & Sage Herbal Dental Gel – for sensitive gums

with organic rosemary oil and organic sage oil from controlled organic cultivation. It is especially recommended during homoeopathic treatment.


Mineral Toothpaste – Gentle cleaning and care

with mineral-rich algae extracts


Sensitive Toothpaste – for sensitive teeth

This toothpaste contains the mineral ingredient potassium chloride, which is renowned for its calming effect on exposed tooth nerves, and can help to reduce tooth sensitivity. The Sensitive Toothpaste uses silica gel that is gently abrasive and removes plaque without damaging the enamel.
With organic chamomile, organic sage and organic witch hazel extract from controlled organic cultivation.


Logodent Kids Dental Gels

The Logodent Kids Dental gels are specifically designed for the care of deciduous teeth, young permanent teeth and gums of children. They contain extracts from organic echinacea and green tea, which fight plaque-causing bacteria and caries.

As abrasives silica is used in a child-friendly low dose. As a result plaque is removed in very gentle manner. Mild spearmint oil or natural strawberry flavor provide a child-friendly taste.

The great colors are achieved by plant dyes. Extracts of witch hazel, chamomile and myrrh prevent inflammation.


Logona Kids Spearmint and Strawberry Dental Gel are both fluoride-free. They are also free of synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives and gluten.